Using the Snapshot, Insights, and Bill Tracker Tools – Quickbooks

To monitor the money coming in and out of your business, you need to have a tool to give you this information, for you, as well, to be able to compare your business to other businesses in your industry. You will need to have a company snapshot to give you the reports of what you need. You can access this in Quickbooks by clicking on the Reports tab and selecting Company Snapshot. This will give you five Income accounts with the most income. Click on the top right box and it will show you the five Expense accounts. Click on either of these items to show you more detailed reports.

You can then browse thru the Previous Year Income and Expense Comparison charts, where you can compare your income from year to year. A bottom left box lists the customers who owe you money, while the bottom right will show you the vendors who owe as well. Click on the Print icon to print your transaction or report.

Insights is a new dashboard option that is introduced in Quickbooks. This is in some degree a replacement of the Company Snapshot. You can find this on the Home Page. When Company Snapshot had limited customization options the Insights feature have fewer options but the appearance is clearer and easier to read, and you can print all your transactions as to one report.

Bill tracker is a new tool introduced in the new version of Quickbooks to help users to see the status of their unpaid transactions. You can also use this to manage your accounts payable easily and efficiently. The newest version actually lets you perform batch actions for multiple Purchase Orders or Payable at once.

Just select the Purchase Order portion and then select Batch Actions. You can double click the transaction and edit it. You can either group the transactions by Vendor or by Customer. Color coded bars can be looked into to filter for just one type. You can also perform a variety of actions by clicking the Action drop down.