QuickBooks found an error when parsing
the provided XML text stream!

QuickBooks software, one of the easiest and user friendly accounting tool. It has gained immense popularity and thousands of followers. All because of the variety of QuickBooks Services that have been provided for all the users. QuickBooks and all the QuickBooks Services have always been helping everyone. Whether it be a small, medium, or a large-sized business, it has resolved everyone’s finance and accounting management issues. It has encouraged every business person to keep their money records sorted by maintaining a track of all the incoming and outgoing cash flow.

Though it is especially designed to make all life work faster and easier. But there are times when you might face some error while working on it. Because at the end of the day it is just a machine. So, sometimes you might get stuck at a few places because of some common errors. One of such errors that QuickBooks gives is while parsing the given XML text stream. This error generally takes place during a post to QuickBooks. 

What is the cause of this error?

The cause of QuickBooks error while parsing the provided XML text stream are as listed below-

  • If the data that has been imported includes some special or illegal characters which are not acceptable by QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks allows only a particular length of characters. So, if any of your import fields include data which has crossed the allowed length of characters by QuickBooks. Then this error may come up.
  • There must be a value imported in any of the field on the transaction pro of mapping screen. So, if the required field by QuickBooks does not hold any value then also the error will occur.

Points to be kept in mind.

There are few important key points that you must know while going through this error of parsing the provided XML text stream. The points are as mentioned below-

  • If you connect ESC to QuickBooks with the help of a direct connect method then you will get this error in ESC client.
  • In the other case, if you connect ESC to QuickBooks using ESC accounting server. Then the error will take place in that program only instead of the ESC client. But here in this case the ESC will hang.

How to resolve this error?

Getting an error while working on any system is not a big deal. But not getting it fixed for a long time may lead towards more bigger problems. So, in order to avoid any further damages to the system, it is very necessary to get it fixed instantly. Here are few of the latest solutions to get rid of this error.

According to Method 1: 

  • At first, open the sales menu and click on “invoice list view”.
  • Now, locate the unposted invoice list, below the views panel.
  • Of all the unposted invoices, record all the invoice numbers.
  • From under the file menu, get back to the QuickBooks screen.
  • Start and continue to post the invoices individually, till you get the error. Because from here you will get to know which exact invoice holds illegal characters.
  • In the next step, in the sales invoicing screen in ESC, open that invoice and review its each line.

(In case of any line that contains copied text from outside of ESC and has been pasted into the invoice. Then just delete that text and retype the information. Else, search for some unique characters or symbols that have been used in the description of an item.)

  • As soon as you complete the invoice correction, just resave the invoice.
  • Then, get back to the QuickBooks post screen below the file menu and post that invoice to QuickBooks.
  • Now the invoices will get posted without any error or disruptions. However, if the error occurs again then repeat the same procedure and post all the invoices correctly.

According to Method 2:

  • In the first step, go to the open menu, type %APPDATA% and hit enter.
  • As soon as the application data folder appears, open the ESC folder.
  • From the content of this folder, delete the QBXML.log file.
  • Again post it to QuickBooks.
  • You will get the same error. Click on OK to close it.
  • With the help of the task manager, end the program and then restart it.
  • While you attempt to post, the QBXML.log file will be regenerated in the application data directory.
  • Then, go to the QBXML.log file and look at the last entry.
  • You will get the transaction that has caused the error.
  • Now, open the record in ESC and search for illegal characters.
  • Delete those and then save the record again.
  • Post it again. Repeat all the above steps in case if you still get any error.

So, these were a few of the latest solutions to get out of this QuickBooks error when parsing the provided XML text stream. In case you still face any problem or are unable to get rid of the error. Then, QuickBooks Services are always there to help you out. Just call us on the given toll-free number and share your problem. Our team of experts will surely help you and guide you in the respective matter to achieve your desired result.