How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Screen Issues
for 4K Monitors?

There is no doubt that an adequate and proper display is very important for a better user experience. This is especially when you are working on your QuickBooks to get done with your business daily tasks and other important activities. Indeed, as technological advancements choose to excel, 

QuickBooks has seemed to grow and evolve rapidly. 4K technology has enabled the user to experience viewing in a very different and effective way. 

Despite the huge and bulky size, the screen does support high-resolution visuals, clear and error-free viewing experience. However, one can not only consider the size of the screen and the resolution to make an optimal or great viewing experience for the user. When using different applications on your device, those applications as well need to be compatible with the display.

The causes for display issues

  1. Transaction’s form does not fit appropriately to the screen
  2. The sizing icon situated on the top right window isn’t visible
  3. Certain buttons go missing and it arises especially when using QB desktop 
  4. Your screen is distorted as you try to minimize or maximize it
  5. The home page doesn’t display anything, you find it completely blank
How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Screen Issues for 4K Monitors

Know More About the Symptoms of Issues Related to Monitor Scaling with QuickBooks Desktop

Many of the users who use QuickBooks Desktop for their business on the Window do complain about DPI scaling issues. This issue can affect you from using the software and also trouble your big times.  

This application will typically be perfect and work well with the regular screen resolution. The regular resolution being 96 DPI which is seemingly lower than the 4K monitors which work on 1080p. 

Because of the display issues, users using QuickBook Premier will have to go through a lot of trouble. In fact, at a point in time, the user will not be able to operate the software as the issue gets more and more complex.

There could be unexpected results for the same, such as:

  1. The application window gets smaller and all the content in it isn’t visible or gets blurry
  2. Some of the important components like bank feed, columns, transaction, buttons and so on seem to be missing
  3. The entire page is blank and the QuickBooks desktop freezes
  4. Your application gets resized not just once but many times and has to be restarted again and again to function well
  5. Text, icon, images start to look weird
  6. Display setting gets frequently changed without you making any changes
  7. As you login to the desktop, you experience display changing issues

Tips to Solve the QuickBooks High DPI Scaling Issue

You need to take proper measures to get rid of the issues and enjoy your time using QuickBooks Premier software. If you want to resolve the issue of fixing your scaling problem on 4K monitors, there are some measures you can take.

Modify Display Setting

  1. Firstly, you need to look for the file that has the name ‘QuickBooks.exe’ in it 
  2. Once found, right-click on it and then select the Properties option in it
  3. Now, you can navigate the compatibility tab that enables the Disable display scaling that is set on the high DPI check box
  4. With that, you need to change the high DPI setting and in that, you can choose the Override DPI scaling behavior options

Change your QuickBooks view preferences

  1. Firstly, you need to navigate to the Edit Menu in your QuickBooks and then choose the Preferences option
  2. Now, you can click on the Desktop view, further selecting My Preferences in it
  3. In that, you have to select One Window in the View section
  4. All you have to do is restart your QuickBooks desktop to check if the issue has been fixed or not?

What if it can’t be fixed?

If you have already tried simple solutions to fix the 4K monitor error, like login, log out, adjust the display, change the properties, etc. It is time that you take a step ahead and focus on long-term work. Here are a few of the alternatives that you can try. 

  1. If possible, prefer using virtual desktop operation on the Windows 10
  2. Windows 10 is very well updated, upgraded and the most sought after of all. As different window systems and applications have different capabilities along with limitations, the solution to get rid of them is very complex. 
  3. Therefore, Window 10 seems to be a good approach to being fresh and relevant. It can help you optimize the screen as well as function smoothly.

However, users will encounter the desktop problem with 4K monitors because of display scaling. This is a complicated issue that needs to be fixed and with no direct solution, you are already troubled. If you follow the steps and information guided to you above, you will have quality time.