How to Enabling Credit Card Protection in Quickbooks

Nine out of ten Americans use credit card. They use this almost on their every transaction, and they use it today more than ever. Which makes it more important to have it protected more than ever. Identity Theft became rampant in the United States not only because of the brainy people who found out how they can do this but also because most credit card users don’t believe they can become victims.

Others look for a lot of ways to protect their credit card which most of them comes down to common sense. Once a business started using Quickbooks, they are required to adhere to the policy of the password protection requirement. This requirement enables the merchant to enter a complex password that has 7 characters, 1 number and 1 upper case letter. Merchants also need to change this password every 90 days to be able to comply with this requirement.

To enable to do this, you may go to the Customer tab and choose Customer Credit Card Protection, you may then click on Enable Protection. After doing so, a dialogue box would pop up and suggests that you confirm a complex password and a challenge question. Then, you may click OK. This activity would make you compliant with the requirement.