How to add a logo to a
QuickBooks invoice?

QuickBooks can not only prove to be your great business bookkeeping solution but also your very own in-house printing service. The program does provide user ample of features that includes printing invoices, sales receipts, reports, business documents and more. You have your very own, highly customized, and great-quality forms available as per your needs. 

You can add your slogan, name, logo, contact information, company name, etc. There is a feature provided by Intuit in the QuickBooks premier software that is ‘QB built-in layout designer, it manages your logo completely. 

From logo design, size, to placement, you can handle anything, as it is user-friendly, easy to make. The placement option allows you to easily place the logo anywhere you wish to. When you look at your logo created through the software you are looking at a good design, properly structured, placed logo. One that can you get business credibility, build your brand presence too.

 Is adding a logo possible? 

These are normal steps to add a logo through the software. 

  1. Navigate to your toolbar and choose the Gear icon option on the screen
  2. Now, choose the custom form style with your company
  3. Move your cursor or scroll on the top right section, you will see ‘New Style’ click on it
  4. If you wish to upload the existing template, you can navigate to a suitable template, choose the Edit option within the action column
  5. In that, select the design tab and search for ‘Add your unique logo’ on the screen 
  6. Now, you have to select add a logo option and then move to the next window, which you will be navigated to
  7. You can scroll through and select the most sought-after image for your logo
  8. Once done, click on the image and then let it upload until it says done
  9. Save it and it is done.

How to add a logo to a QuickBooks invoice?

  1. First, open your QuickBooks premier software and then click on ‘Create Invoice’ 
  2. Then click on the icon of the form for which you want to place your logo on
  3. Now, the down arrow will have the ‘Customize’ option, so choose them at the top of your form. 
  4. Click on Customize design and Layout in that you can select the ‘Customize Data layout’ option
  5. Further, you can select the ‘Basic customization’ button and it will open on your screen 
  6. Now, click on the check box that has the option ‘Use logo’ 
  7. Click on the browser further to navigate to the directory that contains your business logos
  8. Double click on the file name and it’s selected 
  9. Your logo will load within the space, the form square that is available on the invoice

How to customize logos on your invoice?

Customizing your invoice, receipt, as well as other business documents will make your business come out as professional and unique. The default formats and layouts that are provided by the software are not very amazing or professional for use.  

You can try customizing it as per your business needs and make the most out of it. Your business will also tend to create brand recognition, name enhancement, and a well-designed logo will top it all.

  1. Customize the design for your invoices by going to the sales tab and then click on the great icon. In that, choose your Account and setting, mentioned in the first column itself.       
  2. In that, click on the sales in your left menu bar
  3. You are provided with 9 areas for customization along with the default forms, it is up to you to edit as per your requirement
  4. If you want to create your invoice from the scratch and not choose the layout, click on the drop-down arrow next to the New style button
  5. In that select Invoice option, there are 3 options Design, content, and email, you can do modifications if needed
  6. Change your template: In the design tab you get to change your template with 6 different kinds provided 
  7. Add your Logo: You can also make and enhance your logo to create a quality first impression
  8. You can choose from a range of vivid colors in the design tab, from an option of 16 different colors 
  9. With that, the design provides you to select the right font that will go well with your invoice.
  10. The final task is to print out your creation and make the most out of your invoice

How to remove logos from your invoice

  1. From your Gear icon choose Accounts and setting
  2. In the company tab, you can select the Company name section
  3. Now, click on the company logo, you can also delete or replace the logo accordingly
  4. Select Save
Wrapping Up

This QuickBooks premier provides you ample amazing ways to make the most out of your QuickBooks software. Adding a logo, customizing your invoice, or removing the logo is simple. Only if you follow the above steps mentioned, you can enjoy using the software. It is very important to learn how to make great use of the software before using it. This way you can focus on enhancing and bettering your business professionally.