Entering Credit Card Charges in Quickbooks

In making any transaction, like paying for bought product or services, anyone may choose to either pay by cash or more often than not, through a credit card. For a business owner, recording a credit card charge would be something like recording a check or a bank withdrawal. At the end of the month, or at the end of your billing cycle, you may counter check your credit card transaction with the credit card company the same way you would your checking account.

In Quickbooks, you record this charge by clicking on Banking then enter the credit card charges. From the credit card drop-down list, select the credit card you are charging the amount. Choose the name of the establishment from the list given. If this is a new establishment, choose Add New then add the business name.

If you have done a purchase, click on the Purchase/Charge button. If it is a credit on your account that needs to be recorded, like if you are returning a product, select the Refund/Credit option button. To get a better reconciliated transaction with your credit card company, you may enter the date when the charge was made. After this, go to the Amount line and enter the amount. Remember not to enter the dollar sign but indicate a clear decimal place on the entered amount. You may want to put some important notification on the Memo text box to document the purpose of the charge. You could simply click on the Save and Close button to record the charge.