Enabling Multiuser Mode in Quickbooks

When we say, multi user, what comes to our minds are the thought of using a particular system all at the same time. In using our company system, first of all we need to secure our password to protect our work. In using our company system in multi user mode, you can do all the activities you normally do in Quickbooks . You can switch to multi user mode from a single user anytime if another user needs to work on a company file.

Once you are on a multi user mode, anyone you elected to use the company file can open such in any remote computer at the same time. It is recommended for any business to set up a multi user mode in Quickbooks.

In order to do this, you may go to a computer where your company file is located and open file menu. In the utilities, choose Multi-User Access, a prompt will advise you if you are already on a Multi user mode or single user still. Do not turn off your computer, just close Quickbooks if no one else is going to use it. To check if this has gone through successfully you may access the company file from any remote computer.

Since this process is allowing more than one user to access confidential information about your company, to secure your file, setting up a password would be a best recommendation.