Editing Company Information

When a business grows, like from a sole proprietorship to a corporation for instance, chances are your business status changes, as well. Information that are based on the previous company needs to be changed as well.

In doing so, you may go to the Company Menu and click on My Company and information previously entered to by the Administrator of the software will be shown. You may change your company’s contact information, like, business’ name, address, city/state/zip, phone number, website or anything on the page. This can be done by first clicking a pencil image located on the page. Once this pencil is clicked this enables changes on your company information. But if your company’s legal information is different from its standard information, you’ll need to enter it under the section labeled ‘Legal Information.’

If you are like most companies, whose Legal information are just the same as their usual or standard information, then not much changes are needed. If in any case that those are not the same, a special set up need to be adjusted. It’s important to check and make sure this information is correct; otherwise, your tax documents could end up being invalid.After making all the necessary changes, click OK.