Deleting and Marking Items Inactive – Quickbooks

If you have created an item and have used it for a one time purchase, deleting afterwards will remove them permanently from your list. This way, your list of items will be shorter, and selecting the item you need will be easier and faster.

On the other hand, marking your item Inactive, you may be able to search for that particular item in the future, in your Items List window. By manually entering the name of the item, information will automatically be provided for you. You can also change the status of the Inactive Item to Active, to have it available again on your Items List. No matter what the status of an item – active or inactive — transactions recorded using the item will still affect all of your financial records.

By doing this in Quickbooks, start by choosing what you want to delete or mark inactive. There is a list of choices listed and you may choose Items. With some businesses, there are a certain period of time that an owner would feel like cleaning up his list of items that he doesn’t use anymore.

Other items, however, are considered still essential for them in the future. Others, would only need updated. So, for items that you don’t feel very important anymore and want to get rid of them entirely, you should click on the item, right click on Delete. This will remove the item from your list. If you want it back again, you can manually retype the name of the Item and it brings it back on your list.

For some who doesn’t want an item removed permanently, they can put an inactive status on the Item and search for it for future use. To do this, you should click on the item or product, right click on Inactive status, then it gives you the inactive Item status. Bring it back to Active status by clicking it again and at the bottom unclick the Inactive button, and the item goes back to Active status.