Customizing Invoices and Forms – Quickbooks

Creating your own Invoice and Forms for your company would make your business look serious and professional. It personalizes your relationship to your customers and sellers. In order to attain this, you can create an invoice with your own personalized preference that truly signifies what your company really is.

You can look for professionals who can help you customize your invoices forms with your logo and company information at an economical price. But for some, they can use a software that can help them do this in order to fit their invoice to their preferred look.

With Quickbooks you can go to “Create Invoice” then, proceed with “Manage Templates” where you can also change other forms and modify existing ones. You may use an existing template for a new one that you want to create by just copying it as a base, then, place the name of the customer that you want the invoice made to.

On the basic customization screen you can place your company logo, email addresses, website and telephone numbers and have it the way you wanted it. Change the fonts if you may and have it repositioned and resized where and how you feel like and if you don’t, you can delete it by clicking the Delete button. Then you can click on the Data Field and input all the data you need to put on your invoice.

Customizing your invoice according to what your customer needs, make it a bit personal because it would require only the data that you deal with, with a particular customer. Check what you have done with your Invoice by clicking Preview, to see how your invoice would look like. Close it and don’t save. This way, you have created a template at your preference.