Creating Sales Receipts for Cash Sales

When a buyer requests for an order from a supplier, Purchase Orders were sent indicating the information on the items being ordered. This will include the type of item, how many items and price agreed upon by both parties.

Once an order was made by a vendor it is a legal binding contract between the buyer and the seller. This Purchase Order protects the seller in any case the buyer refuses to make a payment of the goods purchased. In order to establish a creative and more stable relationship between the vendor and the buyer, a Purchase Order should be sent out for legal purposes.

You can create one by using the Accounting software provided by Quickbooks. You may start by selecting Vendors then Create Purchase Order. Select the vendor you want to create the purchase order to, it will automatically populate the information of the vendor. After this you may list the product being ordered thru the class drop down list.

You may then enter the “Ship to” information, which will autopopulate since your information are already in the system. However, if another shipping address needs to be place here, you may enter a different address. You may choose to manually enter a date for your Purchase Order. Remember the accuracy of the time and date you enter here since we have said that this is a legal and binding document.

Assign a purchase order number which you can manually enter for your preference. Afterwards, you may use the columns of the “Create Purchase Orders” window for your items purchased. You can list them in each row provided with their corresponding item number and description and how many of this item you are purchasing. Also, for a more accurate calculation, you may include the unit price. Quickbooks will automatically calculate the price based on the quantity of items you purchased.

After this, a hard copy of the purchase order can already be printed. You may retain a copy for your record and send a copy to your vendor. Quickbooks system automatically saves a copy electronically. Choose save and close to exit the system, or you may choose New to create a new purchase order.